Carbon is literally the most important element for life on Earth. The ability of its atoms to uniquely bind to each other and to other elements has never stoped to surprise the minds of scientists. In the era of the development of nanomaterials, two unique materials consisting of carbon atoms were discovered – graphene and fullerene. We cannot say which of them is more important, but it can certainly be stated that the potential of both materials and their derivatives for the future of mankind is enormous.

This section contains brief information about the field that Graphene Plus LLC is engaged in – about carbon nanomaterials: graphene and fullerene and their derivatives.

Гидратированный фуллерен C60 (HyFnC60)

Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60) - a unique molecular colloidal solution of C60 fullerene in water, a complex compound (supramolecular complex) of a fullerene molecule, which is encased in a shell of water molecules...

Оксид графена

Graphene oxide is a graphene-like nanostructured material that differs from graphene in that, firstly, it can contain several graphene layers (up to 10), and, secondly, it contains chemically bound oxygen-containing groups (= О, –OH, –СООН, etc.)...


Fullerene is a unique nanomaterial, the molecules of which have the shape of a closed sphere (or ellipsoid), consisting of carbon atoms that are located at the vertices of pentagons or hexagons. Researchers Kroto, Smalley and Curl were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1996 for the discovery of fullerenes.


Graphene is a two-dimensional material, a form of carbon with a thickness of one atom. Carbon atoms in graphene are connected in a hexagonal two-dimensional crystal lattice. Graphene has unique properties…


Our company is engaged in developments in the field of industrial applications of carbon nanomaterials, creates new products based on graphene and fullerene, and performs research and implementation into technological processes of industrial enterprises on order. Interested?

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