Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60)

Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60)

Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60) – a unique molecular colloidal solution of C60 fullerene in water, a complex compound (supramolecular complex) of a fullerene molecule, which is encased in a shell of water molecules.

Numerous studies indicate that C60 fullerene has a high biological activity and a high potential for use in biology, medicine, cosmetology, food industry, etc. Fullerene C60 has a strong antioxidant effect, at the same time, it can exhibit oxidative properties as a photosensitizer. The fullerene molecule is lipophilic and exhibits a membranotropic effect, that is, it can have a beneficial effect on the body at the cellular level. These and other unique fullerene properties can be used to control aging, treat various diseases, for targeted drug delivery, etc., however, the possibilities of using fullerene were severely limited due to the fact that fullerene was considered absolutely insoluble in water.

The possibility of synthesizing hydrated fullerene destroyed the postulate of the complete hydrophobicity of the fullerene molecule, and it is what the uniqueness of HyFnC60 comes from. Hydrated fullerene creates truly revolutionary opportunities for the use of fullerene in the field of medicine, cosmetology, and pharmaceuticals. The main method for obtaining hydrated fullerene today is the dissolution of C60 fullerene in an organic solvent with further sonication and displacement of solvent molecules for water molecules (patent RU 2213692 C1). A disadvantage of this method may be the presence of solvent traces in the final product, which makes it difficult to use in biologically active environments.

Graphene Plus specialists have developed a unique sublimation technology for the production of hydrated fullerene (patent pending), which completely excludes the possibility of presence of solvent traces in the final product since no substances potentially harmful to the human body are used when obtaining hydrated fullerene. Thus, the potential of using the biological activity of hydrated fullerene to improve and maintain human health is fully revealed.

Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60)
Schematic model of hydrated fullerene

In addition to the synthesis and sale of hydrated fullerene as a product, Graphene Plus specialists are exploring the practical possibilities of using hydrated fullerene.

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