Research and production of products based on graphene and fullerene nanomaterials

Carbon is one of the most prevalent elements,  a primary component of all known life on Earth. We believe that graphene materials can become the basis of the new industrial revolution, and fullerenes will slow down aging, make people healthier, and help us live a longer life.

The potential of carbon nanomaterials is still very far from being revealed, and we want to become one of the market pioneers who transfer scientific discoveries into real human life for the sustainable development of the world.


Graphene Plus LLC is a research and production company that specializes in carbon nanomaterials: graphene and fullerene

Our company is located in Kharkiv, the scientific capital of Ukraine. We work with well-known research institutes to achieve results in various potential uses of graphene and fullerene.

Among our partners are B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering  of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade.

Our products


Thermally reduced Graphene Oxide (TRGO)

graphene-like nanostructured material, which differs from graphene in that it contains chemically bound oxygen-containing groups (= O, OHOH, COOH, etc.), as well as packages including from two to five carbon planes.


Hydrated fullerene C60 (HyFnC60)

a unique molecular colloidal solution of C60 fullerene in water, a complex compound (supramolecular complex) of a fullerene molecule, which is encased in a shell of water molecules.

Information All about carbon nanomaterials and their derivatives

Our partners


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